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August 6th, 2007

3D Crystal portrait.

The most schocking product of 3D-Impacto.

Get everybody astonished with this unique and original gift: a picture of your face engraved in three dimensions inside an optic crystal block.

3D photo crystal

The image engraved inside the crystal renders a feeling of absolute realism due to the fact that the person’s face is engraved in three dimensions inside the crystal, not flat like in traditional photography, so you can really sense the presence of the person inside the block. You will be able to look at the picture frontally and sideways. This is no methacrylate or plastic gift. The high transparency and quality of the crystal will make you believe the person is really into the crystal, frozen in time.

You can also customize your gift by engraving a text of your choice inside the crystal, with no extra cost.

The luminous keyring model is perfect as a wedding gift, and also for your children’s First Holy Communions or Christenings events. We have special prices for big quantities.

3D photo crystal foto 3D pareja 3D photo crystal llavero 3D cristal con luz

2D Picture in crystal

If you just want to engrave picture in a piece of crystal, without three-dimensional effect, you can do it too. Any picture (not only faces) can be engraved in a crystal plate or even in a thick block. This way you will preserve your memories in an original and everlasting format. Once the picture is engraved, it does not fade or alter its properties with time (unless you drop it on the floor). Just have in mind that colors are not renderable in the crystal (yet), so your picture will look like a black and white photography.

You can add a touch of color to your picture engraved in crystal with an aluminium frame with color leds inside it.Or you can place it on a light stand.

Trophys and Awards

Use the bigger crystal blocks (up to 25 cm per side) to engrave text, drawings, logos or any kind of 3D design. We can provide you with a wide range of trophys and awards with varied shapes that can be customized with inscriptions, 3D models or even the face of the person to be rewarded. For sport competitions we also have different models of trophys theme oriented to the most common sports. Contact us to be informed.

Marketing, events and shows

Do you want to make a marketing promo, an event or beat all your competitors in a trade show? Have your stand crowded with people standing in line to get their 3D portrait on the fly, and include the logo of your company or product in it. We can move our hardware anywhere you need it to turn your show or commercial event into a big audience success. We have experience with big pharmaceutical companies. Ask for a quotation and availability.

Art and interior decoration

We are constantly developing a catalog of 3D models engraved in crystal. We also have a variety of desktop accessories made of crystal and ready to be customized with the model or design of your choice. Contact us to request a particular design or more information about our catalog.

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